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Residential Architect Corpus Christi

LOCATION: Wilson Plaza, Corpus Christi, Texas

SPECIFICS: 1600 Square Foot Design Office

STATUS: Completed 2019

The new 1600 square foot design office for up to seven people is located on the tenth floor in the Southeast corner of the West Tower of the historic Wilson Plaza.  The existing space was subdivided into solid walled perimeter offices, robbing the interior of any daylight or view opportunities.

The plan concept for the project was simple: remove all unnecessary partitions and turn the coveted corner office space into an expanded open collaborative work environment with equal access for all to daylight and the stunning panoramic views of the marina and the eastern shoreline of Corpus Christi Bay.  Along with partitions, existing ceilings were also removed exposing the existing structural concrete pan joist system over the majority of the open work space.  At the office entry, the form of the pan joists was referenced in inversion by the use similarly proportioned independent free floating acoustic ceiling panels.  Existing vertical structural elements are fireproofed steel and did not allow for practical exposure.  The remainder of the architectural design similarly revolved around simple functionality and how to best clean up and integrate mechanical, electrical, and fire sprinkler systems.

Thicker-pile hospitality type carpet was selected and laid in a herring bone pattern at all areas except the break room / sample library to give a sense of richness and depth (as well as acoustic performance) and to balance the reductionist approach used on the ceiling plane.  Lighting is flexible and tunable to daily needs and although it is shown on in images and renderings, the office typically operates using only daylight in the open office area.  Interior glazing is used at the front entry door as well as the small conference room door to continue the concept of shared views and daylight.  The glazing at the front door allows for some daylight and a sliver of view to reach into the elevator lobby which is a refreshing oddity in the 1950’s building.

The live-edge oak slab collaboration table near the project entry was selected from naturally felled regional stock, finished by the architects, and installed on a base designed by the architects and fabricated specifically for the project.


Residential Architect Corpus Christi
Residential Architect Corpus Christi