Doddridge Animal Clinic

Location: Corpus Christi, Texas

Specifies: New Veterinary Clinic Building

Building Status: Completed August 2023

Doddridge Animal Clinic is a new facility housing an existing practice that has outgrown its current location.  The clinic serves a well-established and relatively dense portion of the City.  The modest site called for an efficient space plan, while potential for future Client growth necessitates efficient work flow to support current and future patient volume.  The modest 5,600 sq. ft. space plan provides 7 exam rooms, 6 treatment stations (including dental), and a surgery suite capable of supporting two procedures.  The core animal care areas are afforded daylighting through overhead clerestory windows.  This custom daylit ceiling element also serves to provided higher acoustical absorption from barking dogs.  Over 90% of window area is oriented to prevent direct solar gain keeping cooling loads low and work productivity high.

With the space plan efficiency of this design we anticipate animal care and customer service capable of handling the same patient volume of facilities 3,000 – 4,000 sq. ft. larger.  Finally a simple rainfall and condensate water collection system has been devised and integrated into the building so that a single collection tank and irrigation tie-in may be added to the facility, budget permitting, during initial construction or with no interruption in the future.  The condensate collection capacity has been calculated to provide 150-180 gallons of condensate each week.  This otherwise wasted water is a consistent supply through the frequent drought periods of this region.  This type of system allows Doddridge Animal Clinic to be good stewards of a precious resource while also maintaining the beauty of their property.