Uncommon Market

Location: Beeville, Texas

Specifies: Adaptive Reuse of a Wood Framed Historic Hardware Store  

Building Status: Construction Documents

The Uncommon Market will serve as a food, beverage, event, education, and community outreach hub in Beeville, Texas with a focus on farm-to-table, sustainability, equity, and community building.  The brainchild of Owner Dr. Dhaval Patel, the new facility will be a home for the programs currently run out of Beeville’s ‘Coffee Barrel’ location with room for program and community involvement expansion.

The design for the facility adapts an existing historic linear wood-framed hardware store (approximately 24’ wide x 160’ long) to house a commercial kitchen, an education/demonstration kitchen, dining / event space, retail space, and support.  The site plan extends the program beyond the building walls, including areas for gardening, outdoor education, composting, recycle collection, outdoor cooking, dining, and event areas.

The design integrates the existing wood flooring where salvageable and repurposes existing interior wood siding.  At the indoor dining/event area, HVAC and lighting are contained in linear soffits on each side of the room which allows the existing wood trusses to be displayed in an uninterrupted fashion.

The design works with existing clerestory window openings, enlarging by dropping the sill on the north-facing side of the building to create a visual connection between indoor and outdoor dining/event areas and to enhance daylighting at the interior space.

The Owner’s passion for wine and the wine collection that will be displayed in the retail area inspired the reclaimed wine crate ceiling cloud feature above the bar. jacent